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Single Source Solution


Single Source Solution

Rescue Essentials, your Single Source Solution for Tactical Emergency Medical Supplies, Combat Casualty Treatments, and purpose-built kits for austere and urban environments.

Serving the TEMS, Wilderness, and Emergency Medical Communities Since 1991 with Emergency Medical Supplies, and providing Quality Custom Kits for Combat Medics, Tactical Law Enforcement, Wilderness Medics, and personnel deployed to high-threat areas.

Hartford Consensus

Since April 2012, a hard working group has taken on the development of new protocols for responding to active shooter scenarios. The upshot of this effort has been a strong consensus that LEOs, who are usually first on scene, should be prepared with equipment and training to save lives and stabilize critically injured victims, particularly those at risk of exsanguination (bleeding out). Rescue Essentials is on the forefront, developing kits and configurations that lend to the applications recommended in the Hartford Consensus.    

TEMS (Tactical Emergency Medical Support)

Lessons that have been learned at great cost in the combat arena, have been formulated as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols. These protocols are now being adapted to Law Enforcement, Wilderness Medicine, EMS and even Home Medical use. The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) is making great strides toward implementing the benefits that can be taken from the lessons of combat, and we enthusiastically support their effort. The concept of deploying tactical personnel who have emergency medical training is a relatively new idea, but one that is now enthusiastically embraced within law enforcement and fire-fighting communities.

TEMS operators are trained to employ the latest technologies and procedures to come out of the extreme requirements of today’s combat troops. Self-care, buddy care, and basic life support functions like burn treatment and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation are now being taught to such operators, and the life saving results are already evident. Many Law Enforcement agencies are adopting TCCC guidelines, as modified per C-TECC recommendations. Many emergency medical products originally invented for field use are gaining greater and greater acceptance at all levels of emergency medical care. Rescue Essentials is dedicated to enabling every Government Agency, every law enforcement entity, every outdoor adventurer and every emergency response trainer, to take full advantage of the medical advances that have come at such high human cost.

If you are involved with tactical medicine, combat medicine, wilderness medicine, emergency triage or any other form of pre-hospital care, Rescue Essentials is your source for the latest in EMS supplies.

We are proud to offer the SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION to meet our customer's unique needs.



Rescue Essentials is proud to have been selected by North American Rescue Products to offer select items from their line with no minimum purchase requirements. For Tactical Medics and Combat Casualty Care, there is no finer line of products. Our selection includes the Combat Application Tourniquet as well as the HyFin Chest Seal and a range of Combat Casualty Response Kits. If you are looking for the very finest nitrile glove on the market, be sure to check out NAR's Black Talon Gloves.

State of the Art Emergency Products at Rescue Essentials

From high-tech materials like Celox hemostatic that can render once-fatal injuries manageable even by minimally trained personnel, SAM Splints, to innovative Tactical Trauma Treatments and novel diagnostic tools, we bring together an array of medical products of value to Special Operations Forces and laypersons alike. Bookmark us and take the time to carefully review the products and information herein that are relevant to your own situation and needs. If you have questions, need advice or recommendations, please contact us.

Rescue Essentials Understands STAT

In addition to our array of off-the-shelf first aid and medical kits, we produce custom emergency medical kits in a variety of configurations from single-use vacuum-packs to backpack sized vehicle and extrication kits, and everything in between. If you can imagine it, we can build it – in a timely and cost-effective manner.

 Please visit our Single Source Solutions page for more information about our capabilities.



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Rescue Essentials specializes in serving the needs of medical professionals and laypersons alike, whether military, government or private sector, by delivering the latest in medical and related supplies, modules and casualty response equipment. We are proud to offer the Single Source Solution to meet the unique and specific custom needs of our customers.

We provide a number of off-the-shelf products for casualty response, but there are times when the medical professional needs a specific selection of products to serve a particular need or a unique product, and they just can’t find it. That’s where the Single Source Solution comes into play. With our state of the art kit-packing operation and our exhaustive sourcing efforts, we are able to source and assemble almost any selection of products that our customer specifies. From vacuum-packing modules to custom containers, we ARE the Single Source Solution. To see how we can serve your specific needs, please contact us by phone or email:

Phone: (719) 539-4843 Toll Free: (877) 711-4843

Email: info@rescue-essentials.com

Read what some of our Single Source Solution customers have to say about their use of this service:

Wilderness Medicine Institute Custom Designed Kits

"We are delighted with our relationship with Rescue Essentials. Rescue Essentials designs and packs our Wilderness First Responder FA Kit, our wound packs, and our FA restock kits. A few years back we were switching companies in order to get more custom service, better pricing, and more follow-through. Rescue Essentials comes through on all counts, and they back up their promises."

Edward Hanfman, WMI Equipment and Retail Manager
Gates Richards, WMI EMT Program Director / Special Projects Manager

Boy Scouts of America - Northern Tier Kit

"As an outdoorsman, scout leader and first aid instructor, Rescue Essentials has become my “go to” source for first aid supplies. Their prices are great, their shipping is cheap, their products are superior and their customer service is unbeatable.  When our scout troop was planning a trip to the Northern Tier canoe base, they custom designed kits for our crews that met the Northern Tier recommendations.  They have all the conveniences of a web-based store, but have real, knowledgeable people to talk to when you need them.  I recommend them highly."

 Matt Woodruff-BSA Scout Leader

National Outdoor Leadership School Field Medical Kit

"The custom designed kits built for us by Rescue Essentials work well for NOLS. NOLS field instructors appreciate that the kits contain what they actually use in the field."

 Tod Schimelpfenig - Risk Management, NOLS

St. Louis County Police Department

Rescue Essentials was able to offer top quality Tac-Med and Rescue First Aid equipment to meet our agency's needs. The custom ordered kit was delivered on time per our particular specifications, at an industry leading price. Rescue Essentials proved to be a “Single Source Solution.”

Captain Jon Belmar
Affton Southwest Precinct
St. Louis County Police Department