Blist-O-Ban® (Medium) 4 Pack


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Blist-O-Ban® employs "the Gliding Principle." Each bandage has a dome comprised of several laminated layers of breathable plastic film whose layers are free to glide across each other, reducing shear, and friction forces to the blister or hot-spot.

The science behind Blist-O-Ban® is its patented dome that glides smoothly in all directions, deflecting friction and shear forces away from the skin. Place the ultra-thin Blist-O-Ban® over any blisters, hotspots, or injury prone areas.

A study funded by the National Institute of Health along with studies conducted by the Temple University School of Podiatry and the Singapore Army have all demonstrated the effectiveness of Blist-O-Ban® in reducing friction.

When a force is applied to the skin, the central dome collapses and produces a gliding movement, effectively redirecting the pressure vector away from the protected area. If movement exceeds the distance the dome can glide, the low friction polyurethane material will reduce friction experienced over the affected area. The area under the central dome will also experience less mechanical trauma, providing relief during use.

* Reduces skin shear and friction
* Medical-grade adhesive
* Water-resistant
* Multi-day protection
* Latex-free
* Breathable
* Ultra-thin

Enhanced adhesion properties for a longer lasting bandage and upgraded bandage material, allowing:

* Greater elasticity (for greater comfort, adhesion and durability).
* Greater dissipation of shear and friction against the affected area (the primary causes of blisters).
* Increased breathability (improves the condition of the skin).

CE Approved
Made in USA

Dimensions: 2.75" H x 4.75" W x 1" L

Weight: 1 oz

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  • 5

    Posted by Kathleen Q Weiner on 09 22 2020

    I have used them so many times and they are perfect solution to my husband's foot rubbing issues.

  • 5
    Buy this product-I would use it for everything

    Posted by Judy St. Johns, OR on 03 28 2016

    I 1st tried the Blist-o-band a few years ago. It is one of the most awesome products I have ever used. I did not have a blister, but I had a thumb where a dog had caught me w/it's tooth right on the side where the fingernail ends. I put this product over the spot & it completely sealed, even around the curve of my thumb. The warm moist environment caused the would to heal fast then usual & the blist-o-band stayed on securely until I took a shower about 4 days later. I could have been more careful in the shower & not washed my hair in a way that I message my scalp w/my fingers. I believe it would have continue to stay if I had covered it & taken more care. I did feel like I was ready to take it off so I did not worry about it. Mind you, I washed my hands & did dishes w/my sponge & the ran them under water. I washed & dried my hands exactly like I normally would for 4 days straight & I wash my hands a lot. I also did not change how I dried my hands. This product felt secure & tightly sealed the whole time. I am seriously impressed. My fingernail had also grown out much faster then usual to the point where I could trim it & I did not need further treatment to prevent it from falling off or tearing. I have been anxiously awaiting an easy way to buy this product again. My sis-in-law is an ICU nurse & she said the warm moist environment is the best & fastest for healing. According to the company this product is not serel to put on a wounds, but in an emergency situation I would do it in a heartbeat. I will try to get some tagaderm, which is clear plastic over the would, but you can see how the healing is progressing. I might put this on top of any wound where I need the sliding action to not irritate it, whether directly on the wound ( I am taking responsibility for any ill effects.) or on top of a secure bandage to protect it from friction if needed. They are a little spending, but when I calulated how many regular bandaids I would have used to take care of that wound, it was much less expensive. Put it on & off you go. No more hassles, while it heals properly.

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    Blister Prevention not Blister Treatment

    Posted by Rick in OKC on 05 11 2013

    Note 3 star rating is because system forces you to select rating to post. When I bought the product, I thought it was a blister treatment solution. It may be better than sliced-bread, but I do not know that yet. Hence middle-of-road rating. Do not use my rating to influence your purchase decision or as to the effectiveness of this product. A previous version of their product brochure (BOB-106-bro-2.pdf) has instructions for use. Unfortunately, the brochure currently located at their website (ver -3) does not. You should contact their customer service ( for a copy of that brochure. From correspondence with the manufacturer: Blistoban is marketed as a blister prevention bandage. If you have a hot spot or somewhere you always get a blister from a certain shoe, we suggest cleaning the skin, drying it and applying before the blister develops, that is ideal. The Blistoban is adhesive so if you put it on an already existing blister it will stick to this surface. Also if you have an existing blister the bandage may be compromised since the blister is likely going to excrete liquid making the adhesive less aggressive. end correspondence.