Blizzard Compact Blanket - 2 Layer, Orange


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The Blizzard Compact Blanket utilizes 2-layer Reflexcell construction, resulting in a lightweight emergency blanket with a small cube space. The packed volume is minimized by reducing the blanket area (compared to the original Blizzard EMS Blanket) to about 3.6 ft long x 6.4 ft wide. The Blizzard Compact is designed to just cover the top, core portion of a patient's body. This product is approximately half the size of the Blizzard EMS. For a full coverage version of this blanket, please view the Blizzard EMS.

Reflexcell construction incorporates a cellular design, intended to trap warm air as an insulator within the blanket. The metallic surface reflects heat back into the patient and the integrated elastic baffles help to keep the body contained. Reflexcell has been shown to be 400% warmer than blankets made from synthetic material, and 150% warmer than down-insulated material.


  • Lightweight, small blanket area for reduced cube space
  • Made with ultra-light 2-layer Reflexcell
  • Compact design is ideal for adding to a backpack during outdoor adventures or in an emergency car kit
  • Reusable
  • Warmth is equal to a medium weight sleeping bag
  • Fully windproof and waterproof

Dimensions: 6.7" L x 6.7" W x 0.4" D (packed - approximate)
Dimensions: 3.6' L x 6.4' W (unpacked)
Weight: 4.6 oz