BriteView® Disposable LED Laryngoscope Blade

Hartwell Medical

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The BriteView® Laryngoscope LED Blades were designed by EMS professionals with real-world experience who saw the need and delivered a durable, strong, maintenance-free device. The integrated LED light provides clear visibility and the disposable nature of these blades eliminates time and cost of cleaning, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Each size is color-coded for easy identification.

BriteView® laryngoscope blades are stainless steel, disposable blades designed for single-patient use. They should be properly disposed of after one use and should not be cleaned for re-use. Store your BriteView blades in their tear-packs in a dry location at room temperature.

Handle is sold separately. The BrightGrip™ Handle is compatible and can be found here.

  • Stainless steel from tip to heel prevents flexing or breaking under stress
  • Color coded for instant size recognition
  • Prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning costs
  • Super bright LED light gives maximum visibility
  • Tear-pack is easy to open with gloves on
  • Fits all standard handles
  • Available in both Mac and Miller styles