CeraSport EX1 - Orange or Lime, 12.5 Grams

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NSN# 6505-01-575-8540 (orange)
NSN# 6505-01-575-8568 (lime)

Ex-1 performance enhancement is widely used by extreme athletes to help avert dehydration caused by sweat loss. The 12.5g packet makes 500 mL of fluid, containing 10g of Carbohydrates and increased amounts of electrolytes.

CeraSport EX1 is recommended for use during shorter events or bouts of strenuous physical activity, especially in hot and humid environments. A stronger electrolyte replacement is needed in these situations, where fluid loss can be excessive.

Military Use

Maintaining proper hydration is important for anyone, but is an especially critical issue for deployed military personnel. Oral rehydration (or ORS) should be administered to troops before, during and after physical training or field operations. ORS should also be given to troops when afflicted with dehydrating illness such as diarrhea, as well as following certain types of trauma, and when anyone has influenza or other upper respiratory illness with fever.

Hydration and Trauma Patients - TCCC Guidelines:

Since 2003, the Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee has recommended the administration of oral fluids to casualties with penetrating injuries. Under the 2003 guidelines, PO fluids are recommended for all casualties with a normal state of consciousness, including those with penetrating torso trauma.

Product includes Stevia sweetener.

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