Conterra IV “AD-WRAP”


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Conterra's IV Ad-Wrap attaches to their IV Bag  and organizes everything you need to start and maintain a line, and/or draw blood.

There are separate pockets for blood tubes, mini drip lines, maxi drip lines, catheters, Betadine wipes, alcohol wipes, roller gauze, tourniquets, Veniguards, and bandaids.
All pockets open inward and have elastic keepers above them for security.

Once a line has been started, tear away the Ad-Wrap from the IV bag and package the kit with the patient. The Ad-Wrap can also be rolled up and used alone. The Ad-Wrap is fully machine washable. I.V. bag sold separately. Medical supplies shown not included. Red and black with reflective tape.

Dimensions: 12” H x 16” W
Weight: 3.1 oz