Downed Officer Kit


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**This Product Cannot Be Shipped Internationally

The TacMed Downed Officer Kit contains essential tools to respond to serious injuries that are found in law enforcement and military environments. The tightly packed kit can fit in a cargo pocket, vest pouch, or can be easily stored in a vehicle. The contents are packed in a durable bag that can be re-sealed so the user can check contents, replace used contents, or customize the kit by adding additional components such as hemostatic gauze or extra gloves.


1 SOF® Tourniquet Gen 4
1 OLAES® 4" Modular Bandage
       Each OLAES® Bandage contains:
       3 meters of sterile 4 ply gauze
       Plastic occlusive sheet included in dressing pocket
       Transparent pressure cup that focuses pressure on the wound and acts as an eye cup for treatment of eye injuries
1 Face Shield
1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 Surgical Tape, 2"
1 Trauma Shears, 5.5"

Dimensions: 7" H x 10" W x 3" D
Weight: 14 oz