Rescue Essentials 4" Emergency Pressure Dressing

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This is our lightest, most compact trauma dressing, produced for Rescue Essentials by the makers of the Israeli Bandage. It has a mid-length leader, and is a cost effective emergency trauma dressing for pre-hospital casualty care..

Designed for treating bleeding accidents at work or play, the Rescue Essentials 4" Emergency Pressure Dressing applies safe, direct pressure to the wound. Features include a sterile dressing, cloth wrapping leader and an easy-to-use closure bar.

Clinically proven and Flexible: Applies direct pressure on bleeding wounds to stop bleeding fast on any part of the body.
Simple and Cost effective: incorporates many pieces of equipment into one multi -function bandage that is easy to use, even in self-application. Effective on minor kitchen or office wounds.
Convenient: Facilitates use with compact and long shelf life. Suitable for first aid kits at home or in the office.

Advanced: Benefits from the Israeli Bandage manufacturer's experience and research in pre-hospital blood stanching products.

Instructions for use: (Illustrated instructions are included in the package)

Place dressing pad on wound and wrap the elastic bandage around the effected limb or body part
2) Tighten elastic bandage
3) Wrap elastic bandage tightly over all edges of the dressing pad
4) Secure hooking ends of closure bar into elastic bandage

To remove, free the hooked ends of the closure bar from the elastic bandage.

NOT A TOURNIQUET: If bleeding persists, exert further direct pressure on the wound and call for assistance and professional medical care

Dimensions: 4” W x 7" L (pad)
Dimensions: 4" x 5yds (elastic wrap)

Packaging: Vacuum packed; the package features built-in tear notches on both sides of the package for easy opening
Package Dimensions: 5½" W x 3½" H x 1" D
Weight: 1.6 oz


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  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Jack on 07 07 2021

    Good quality and a must have in every trauma kit

  • 5
    Flexible, easy to use pressure bandage

    Posted by Aaron on 05 03 2021

    A very affordable replacement for other classic pressure bandages out on the market. High quality, and able to be tightened quite nicely.

  • 5
    A most to have in any Trauma kit

    Posted by Mike on 09 21 2018

    A most to have in every trauma kit

  • 5
    High quality for price

    Posted by Christophor Periatt on 03 11 2018

    Building IFAK type kits for security teams and needed to keep costs low, but still have high quality products. This pressure dressing filled both roles. Cannot say enough of this product. Highly recommended.