Field Guide: InforMed Home Emergency Pocket Guide, 3rd Edition

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We have seen how disasters can overload emergency responders, especially during the first 12 to 72 hours. The USA has only one firefighter for every 280 people and one police officer for every 385 people. That means that in an emergency, most people "are going to be on their own for possibly 48 to 72 hours," says David Paulison of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

During an emergency, you can't guess. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide takes an all-hazards approach, organized by event type with tabbed and color-coded sections to help you make decisions fast. Photographs and illustrated steps walk you through planning, response, recovery and survival for common and uncommon events, with before-during-after guidelines for home preparation, first aid and survival tactics for storms, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and homeland terror attacks. Like all Informed® guides, it is spiral-bound and printed on high-quality plastic, making it waterproof, tear-resistant and alcohol-fast.

Rick Russotti, Editor of Mitigation Journal states, "The first rule in any emergency is to stop and think. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide provides the foundation for your preparedness efforts. The more prepared the public, the better the responders can help. This guide should be part of every family's preparedness plan."

This guide is a handy reference you will want to keep in your kitchen, medicine cabinet, 72 hour kit and car. While we hope this information is never needed, having it within reach will ensure you respond in ways that increase your safety and security.

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