Field Guide: InforMed Homeland Security, 2nd Edition

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The Homeland Security Field Guide is an essential tool for law enforcement, fire & rescue, first responders, EMS personnel, nurses and physicians.

Includes: chemical diagnosis guidelines, suspicious packages, explosives, incendiary compounds, booby traps, suicide bombings biological agents, such as: Anthrax, ebola, Q fever, smallpox, tularemia, cholera, plague, hemorrhagic fevers, ricin, blister agents, nerve agents, cyanide, ammonia, phosgene, chlorine, mustard, Lewisite, Tabun, Sarin, Soman, VX, and much more!

This handy pocket guide is only 3" x 5", fits easily in your pocket, has color-coded tabs, and contains the latest information for WMD and terrorism response.

* Weapons of Mass Destruction
* Terrorist Incident
* Incident Command
* HazMat Tactics / Decon
* Special Rescue Situations
* Medical Response / Triage
* Radioactive Substances
* Dispatch Procedure
* Biological Hazards
* Personal Security
* 3"x5" / Waterproof and Alcohol-Fast

An essential reference tool for law enforcement, fire & rescue and security personnel.

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