First Responder Kit

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Rescue Essentials' First Responder Kit is designed for the rescue professional or average citizen who has limited medical skills but may find themselves first on the scene of an accident.  Black Talon® gloves, CPR pocket mask, shears, and light sticks allow the rescuer to assess the scene, secure it for safety, and begin life-saving steps. Be prepared! The life you save may be your own. 


1  CPR Pocket Mask (w/ alcohol wipes)
1  N95 Protective Mask (may be substituted with KN95 mask due to supply chain disruptions)
1  Survival Wrap Blanket (Heat Reflective)
4  Lightstick (Red)
4  Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
1  EMT Shears (5.5", Black Handle)
6  Nitrile Gloves (Black, Lrg)

Dimensions: 8"H x 8"W x 2½"D
Weight: 1 lb 3.3oz


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