Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder


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Trusted for generations, Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder's triple action formula is a blend of two proven ingredients combined with the finest powder and essential oils. Its unique formula works to cool and soothe skin while absorbing excess moisture and stopping the itch. Gold Bond Body Powder is medicated to work hard, yet gentle enough to be used every day. Cools. Absorbs. Relieves. Works.

• Minor Cuts
• Sunburn
• Insect Bites
• Scrapes
• Prickly Heat
• Minor Burns
• Rashes
• Minor Skin Irritations

Dries the oozing of poison ivy, oak and sumac.

Menthol 0.15% / Anti-Itch
Zinc Oxide 1.0% / Skin Protectant

Size: 4 oz