GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade

Hartwell Medical

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The GRANDVIEW® combines a brilliant light source with a wider field of view to improve direct visualization of the cords and help you increase your intubation success rate. The GRANDVIEW Blade has been shown to improve intubation success rates. It is a straightforward products that works. Durable and affordable, why not give it a try? Pair it with the BrightGrip Disposable Handle for a dependable laryngoscope solution.

*Blade only, handle sold separately.

  • 80% wider blade surface keeps the tongue out of the way and reduces the need to reposition the blade
  • Designed by an ER physician to fit a majority of adult patients
  • Disposable, single-patient use version available in Adult size
  • Brilliant bright white lamp
  • Fits all standard handles. Conforms to ASTM (F965) and ISO (7376-1)
  • Surgical grade stainless steel provides optimal strength compared to plastic blades

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