H&H Bleeding Control Kit

$27.00 - $86.65
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**This Product Cannot Be Shipped Internationally

The H&H Bleeding Control Kits contain a tourniquet, bandage, gauze, and gloves to equip a first responder with necessary tools to address severe bleeding while waiting for EMS to arrive. The intermediate version includes the QuikClot Bleeding Control Gauze. The kit is offered in two configurations, a resealable bag or a black zippered nylon pouch. The durable, resealable, vacuum-sealed bag is meant to reduce cube space for packing in pockets, pouches or bags. The nylon zippered pouch can be conveniently worn on a belt or placed in a go-bag.

Each kit contains

1   SWAT-T tourniquet for hemorrhage control
1   H&H Mini Compression Bandage for wrapping and providing pressure around a wound
1   H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze roll to pack and wrap a wound
1   Pair nitrile gloves to protect the first responder

1   QuikClot Bleeding Control Gauze for severe hemorrhage control (INTERMEDIATE ONLY)

Dimensions: 3" H x 5.75" W x 2.25" D
Weight: 7.5 oz