HeadBed II Head Immobilizer

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The HeadBed II CID provides safe and effective immobilization of the head and neck for patients suspected of a spinal injury, limiting flexion, rotation and lateral bending, without limiting patient access to the patient. The wax-impregnated, water-resistant HID delivers secure immobilization under adverse clinical and environmental conditions. The dual adhesive strap provides maximum motion restriction while releasing easily during removal. The HeadBed II is designed and priced for single use so there are no clean up or lost equipment problems. Compact and lightweight, HeadBed II is a universal product suitable for adult, child and infants.


  •     Disposable, so no equipment recovery costs or clean-up
  •     Effective in various weather conditions
  •     Patented Dual Adhesive Strap sticks aggressively where needed and releases when necessary
  •     Outstanding patient access for effective assessmen without compromising immobilization
  •     Fits most spineboards
  •     Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible
  •     Latex-free

Dimensions: 5" W x 15" L x 0.5" D

Weight: 2.8 oz