Keep U Safe Kit

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This kit is designed to keep you alive and get you rescued, in situations where you're already not exactly "safe". Let's face it; this can happen to anyone, and the Keep-U-Safe kit provides the most vital necessities, all in one place:

An Air-Force type Heliographic Signal Mirror, Emergency Signal Tape and a super-loud Safety Whistle provide signaling options. A Magnesium Fire-Starter, two Waterproof Match Containers and a Hand Crank Flashlight ensure that you'll have light and warmth as well as additional signaling options (set signal fires in threes, as an international distress signal). A huge 84" x 36" Emergency Survival Bag helps protect from weather and provide further warmth. A small serrated folding knife (handle colors vary) is provided for cutting tasks. All these items are contained in a bright orange nylon zipper case.

A Keep-U-Safe kit in every pack and bugout bag can make all the difference when the chips are down!

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 2¼"
Weight: 1 Lb 4 oz