LMA Fastrach Size 4 and Size 5


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Size 4: 6515-01-576-6211
Size 5: 6515-01-566-4958 

The LMA Fastrach is designed for anticipated or unanticipated difficult airway situations and for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. LMA Fastrach™ facilitates continuous ventilation during intubation, lessening the likelihood of desaturation. Special design features of the LMA Fastrach™ that facilitate blind or fiberoptic intubation include:

  • Rigid, anatomically curved, airway tube that is wide enough to accept an 8.0 mm cuffed ETT and is short enough to ensure passage of the ETT cuff beyond the vocal cords
  • Rigid handle to facilitate one-handed insertion, removal, and adjustment of the device's position to enhance oxygenation and alignment with the glottis
  • Epiglottic elevating bar in the mask aperture which elevates the epiglottis as the ETT is passed through and a ramp which directs the tube centrally and anteriorly to reduce the risk of arytenoid trauma or esophageal placement

Available in two sizes (4 or 5) for adults. Each pack contains one Airway Device, Syringe and Lubricant, Single Use Endotracheal Tube and Stabilizer Rod.

Dimensions (packaged): 12"L x 7"W x 2"D
Weight: 6oz