Low Visibility Deployment (LVD II) with External Pill Pouch by Phokus Research

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The Low Visibility Trauma Kit features low profile packaging, designed to easily fit in a cargo pocket or in a small pouch on the lower back. The LVD II can be carried in addition to the DTK II, allowing the Operator enough gear for Self-Aid and Buddy-Aid. Includes an external pill pouch for access to medications without opening the main kit. Made from medical grade vinyl. 

Contents provided include a 14ga Needle Decompression Kit, Combat Gauze, occlusive dressings for open chest wounds, 3" elastic bandage, z-fold gauze, safety pins, casualty card, sharpie and gloves.

Weight:   8.7 ounces
Size:       6" wide, 9" tall, ½" - ¾" thick