M2 Civilian RMT 1½" Yellow (for <120 lbs including Pediatric)

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This is a simple and effective tourniquet designed for pediatric application. Operation is simple and intuitive, as well as highly effective.

m2's CHILD/Pediatric Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT™) was developed for extremity hemorrhage control, to be used on individuals weighing less than 120 lbs with circumferences as small as 2.5”. This tourniquet uses  m2® low tensile strength Ratcheting Buckle technology. The responder has precise, adjustable control to occlude blood flow, minimizing muscle and nerve damage. RMTs are self–locking and require only gross motor skills to operate. Audible sounds verify activation.  Simple two-step instructions are printed on the device.

  • Applies precise mechanical pressure
  • System is self-locking
  • Easily applied with one hand
  • Requires only ‘gross’ motor skills to operate
  • Ratcheting sound when activated
  • Instructions clearly printed on RMT™
  • Proven Technology since 2002
  • Compact, lightweight, and rugged

Dimensions (packaged): 5.25" L x 1.5" W x 1.25" D
Weight: 3.4 oz


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    Marketed for a pediatric patient by manufacturer....Not sure on that.

    Posted by Unknown on 11 15 2018

    Honestly I don't write reviews often. The manufacturer marketed this as for a pediatric patient. I field tested on myself full strength and then on a 3 year old until she start to complain of pain. On me it did stop a pulse so it works. But the the nylon under the ratchet mechanism pinches the skin. I would think that would cause tissue damage to the pinched skin if actually applied where a SOF-T or CAT would not. I might still need to understand how to apply this as this could be my error. But on the surface, this would be a no-go for me to deploy in an emergency but would use if nothing else was available. Considering returning for something else.

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    a must carry device

    Posted by Mark Hollinger on 06 24 2016

    Great product. Simple to use. Fast application. Proficiency with minimal training and practice. Only tourniquet designed for pediatric use... and works just as well on the thin elderly. Love it as much as their adult version tourniquet.
    When I teach tac med, I always show this along with the other tourniquets on the market.