McKesson Tincture of Benzoin Ampules (6 pack, 0.6 mL)


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Benzoin is a pathological product produced when certain tree trunks are injured. It is produced by incising the bark and collecting the exuded resin after it hardens on exposure to air and light. Benzoin is an ancient drug that has had more different Latin titles and synonyms since its origin in the 15th or 16th century than any other official preparation. McKesson™ Compound Benzoin Tincture is an alcohol solution of compound benzoin that may be used to increase adhesion.


  • Adherent: Excellent complement with Tegaderm. The most common backcountry use of CBT is as a tape adherent, particularly effective when used with Tegaderm or moleskin in blister treatment applications. It also helps wound-closure strip and adhesive bandages stay in place.
  • Skin Protectant: Widely used as a skin protectant and is particularly effective for ulcers, bedsores, scrapes, cracked skin, and cracked lips.

Sold as six, single-use 0.6 ml ampules per package.