Mystery Gear Box

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Now: $49.99

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Purchased boxes will ship the first week of December.

Introducing the new Rescue Essentials mystery Gear Box. You won't know exactly what's in it before it arrives, but you can count on receiving a useful assortment of the quality tactical emergency medical supplies we are known for.

Each $49.99 mystery box will contain more than $100 worth of gear, possibly including overstocked items from our warehouse, products with sooner-than-normal expiration dates, new finds we want to share, and tried-and-true supplies perfect for any trauma kit. All boxes in this batch contain similar products.

The Fall 2021 gear box is available for pre-order until November 19 (or until gone). All boxes will ship the first week of December. Supplies are limited. Orders must be received before November 19, 2021.

*This item cannot be returned.​*

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  • 4
    Gear box

    Posted by J on 01 01 2022

    Contents were used to “fill out” several different kits (scout unit kit, auto kits & house kit). Several items were new to the kits we maintain. All in all a worthwhile investment

  • 3
    Mystery Gear Box

    Posted by Jeremy on 12 19 2021

    I can't say that I was overly impressed by my particular mystery box. I ended up getting several pouches, among other things, that I more than likely won't be able to use. Maybe 50% of the box. I will say that the total value of the box was absolutely more than what I paid for. I just will only be able to use a few of the products, including the Quick Clot EMS gauze roll. That being said, I will say that the next time these are available, I will probably purchase again and hopefully will have some better luck with some of the products. I think it's a great value but can certainly be hit or miss what you get but I think that's part of the fun of it.

  • 4
    Mystery Gear Box

    Posted by Brian M Kern on 12 19 2021

    All in all, this was a nice box to get. First of all, I felt I got my money's worth. Mine contained a number of items that I probably would not have purchased on their own (especially since they came as part of a kit) but gave me a good idea of the quality of the material, and even introduced me to some new products that I'd never seen before. My only suggestion would be to include, for each box sent, an inventory so we know what we are getting!

  • 5
    Awesome box

    Posted by J faUlk on 12 16 2021

    Lots of cool products will be buying again

  • 4
    Gear up

    Posted by Thomas Horowitz on 12 16 2021

    This is my second stab at this offer. Still a good deal, not quite as good a selection than first but good. No junk but no high value items either.

  • 5
    Mystery gear box

    Posted by Brian Thompson on 06 22 2021

    Some items I already have. Most items I have only read about, willing to try them out. Thank you

  • 4
    Good product

    Posted by Shlomo Zager on 06 22 2021

    This is a fun way to restock on supplies!

  • 5
    Rescue Essentials Gear Box

    Posted by Theodore L Westerman on 06 21 2021

    There wasn't an article in this box that didn't fit in one or more trauma kits I keep on hand in the home and vehicles. I was very surprised with the emergency litter that was included. This one article would be hard to duplicate in an emergency when speed is a necessity.

  • 5
    recue mystery box surprise

    Posted by Richard Ryan on 06 21 2021

    Was pleasantly surprised. Items ran the gamut thru categories. As a non emt trained cert instructor and leader I am prepared to use most of it and should be able to assist any emt on scene of disaster