NAR High Risk Warrant Casualty Kit - Black

North American Rescue

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*** This Product Cannot Be Shipped Internationally***
*The NAR High Risk Warrant Casualty Kit is built to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.*

High Risk Warrant Service operations account for the majority of all SWAT call-outs nationwide. Due to the rapid dynamic nature of these missions Tactical Health Care Professionals must focus on mobility, adaptation and efficiency.

The High Risk Warrant Casualty Kit from North American Rescue allows the Tactical Healthcare Professional the ability to rapidly extract casualties and initiate care for the top three causes of death from penetrating trauma in the tactical environment (60% extremity bleeding / 33% tension pneumothorax / 6% airway obstruction). Offering a large central compartment and multiple attachment points, this kit maximizes storage space while maintaining a compact profile. Each component is designed to be effective under survival stress and potentially reduce some of the physiological pitfalls associated with it.

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Special Features:

  • Can Be Worn as a Belly Bag or Slung over the Shoulder
  • MOLLE Style Attachments
  • Trauma Shears Storage on Front for Quick Access
  • Extra Storage Sleeve on Back contains the Dragon Handle System to facilitate Immediate High Threat Extraction


2     Combat Application Tourniquet®, CAT
4     ETD® 6 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
4     S-Rolled Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yd
2     Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F with Lubricant
1     Tactical Suction Device
1     Cyclone® Bag Valve Mask
1     HyFin® Chest Seal
2     ARS® Needle Decompression Kit, 14 Ga x 3.25"
2     Petrolatum Gauze, 3" x 18"
1     Dragon Handle System Extraction Device
1     Trauma Shears, 7.25"
2     Triage Card
5     Pair Nitrile Gloves


Dimensions: 7.75" H x 13" W x 9" D
Weight: 4 lb 12.8 oz 





Dimensions: 7.75" H x 13" W x 9" D
Weight: 4 lbs 12.8 oz

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