NAR Responder ETD - White

$4.10 - $4.60

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***This Product Cannot Be Shipped Internationally

This is a sterile pressure bandage that delivers extremely effective pressure and excellent absorption. High quality elastic wrap is equipped with a non-adherent pad. Easy-to-use hook-and-loop securing device eliminates confusing pressure bars or hooks. Quick grip roll control system prevents dressing from unrolling if dropped. Comes in a rugged, vacuum-sealed, low-cube package branded with NAR’s signature Red Tip Technology® easy-open tear notches. This product is sterile and latex-free.

4" Bandage
 60" L x 4" W (bandage)
Dimensions: 6" H x 4" W (pad)
Dimensions: 4.5" H x 2.5" W x 1.75" D (packaged)
Weight: 2.0 oz

6" Bandage
 60" L x 6" W (bandage)
Dimensions: 6" H x 6" W (pad)
Dimensions: 6" H x 2.5" W x 2.1" D (packaged)
Weight: 2.9 oz