NuMask CPR Kit in Clam Case

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Performing proper CPR can save lives. The NuMask is a tool that makes CPR safer for the rescuer, while adding benefits such as effective intraoral sealing, fast transitions, and a clear stem to monitor breathing. This compact NuMask comes with a rigid case to keep the mask protected until you need it.

Small package, big performance. Smaller than traditional pocket CPR masks, the NuMask snorkel-like intraoral seal and simple grip makes mouth-to-mask ventilation easy and effective.

A Good Seal for CPR. Traditional pocket CPR masks require a strong grip and pressure with both hands on the victims face to maintain a good seal. Facial hair and lack of dentation make a tight seal even harder. Our intraoral seal allows a single rescuer to easily obtain perfect seal with each and every breath, regardless of facial features.

Faster Transitions. Traditionally the best results position for CPR rescue breaths is at the head of the victim. NuMask CPR masks can be used at the head and/or side of victim. Transitioning from head of victim to side of victim with each compression and ventilation cycle is no longer necessary. Thanks to NuMask, saving crucial time that can make the ultimate difference.

Withstands the Elements. Without the inflated cushion common to traditional CPR masks, the NuMask IOM has a longer shelf life, is durable and able to withstand atmospheric pressure (high altitude rescue / aviation transport / hyperbaric environments) and extreme temperature changes.

Rescuer Protection. NuMask provides multiple barriers between you and the victims mouth, including increased physical distance as compared to conventional CPR techniques. The smooth flow one-way valve with its hydrophobic filter also allows maximum protection for both the rescuer and the victim.

Clear Stem Mask. The IOM translucence and intraoral placement allow you to monitor victim inhalation and exhalation by observing fog in the mask stem. Vomitus and secretions can also be easily detected at a glance.

Dimensions: 2.5" H x 5.25" W x 1.75" D (packaged)
Weight: 3.2 oz