Pax Inner Pouch Modules

$14.99 - $23.99
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Pax interior modules are designed to help you organize your pack or bag. The module lid is clear, making it easy to see the contents, and the label holder enables custom name tags. A variety of sizes are available to suit your particular needs. They can be used with any pack or bag.

The welded PAX Pure-Tex modules are plastic and can be cleaned with any disinfectant. 

Dimensions and Weights:

Interior Module S: 3.15" H x 5.9" W x 3.15" D, 1.76oz
Interior Module M: 5.9" H x 5.9" W x 3.15" D, 2.56oz
Interior Module L: 5.9" H x 11.8" W x 3.15" D, 4oz
Interior Module FT: 6.7" H x 8.27" W x 3.15" D, 3.68oz
Interior Module KT: 3.15" H x 16.9" W x 3.15" D