Penblade Safety Scalpel


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PenBlade Safety Scalpels are intuitive and ergonomic, and they're the only scalpels on the market that use simple press-and-release blade retraction (similar to a pen) to prevent accidental sticks, keeping the patient, the user, and the support personnel safer. A simple button press and release while in position retracts the blade safely without re-positioning the hand or scalpel. When retracted, it can still be used to trim sutures or PICCs with an integrated groove that prevents injury but still allows access to the blade edge.

In contrast to many commercial scalpels that have awkward blade activation techniques or flimsy handles and blades, the PenBlade is made of high-quality British Stainless Steel and a robust, rigid body for more confidence while in use. The body of the scalpel has inch and centimeter markings for swift measurements. PenBlade Safety Scalpels come in a sterile package.

Dimensions: 7.5" H x 1.7" W x 0.45" D (packaged)
Dimensions: 6" H x 0.7" W x 0.4" D (unpackaged)
Weight: 0.4 oz