Plano All Weather Case w/ Pluck Foam (Black)

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This Plano All-Weather case is ready for whatever is thrown at it, and is perfect for carrying medical supplies for those who are are deployed in situations where crushing forces, moisture etc. could compromise the contents of a soft pack .For those who have a Rescue Essentials True Clot Wound Trainer without the case, this makes an ideal case for the trainer and accessories. It also makes a great protective case for electronic equipment or firearms. With molded polypropylene construction, Dri-Loc weather seals, two lockable top latches (plus two regular) and its built-in pressure release valve, this case is every bit the equal of much more expensive cases. The latches are positive cam-action, and customizable pluck foam is included.

Exterior Length: 18.375"
Exterior Width: 8"
Exterior Height: 14.25"
Interior Length: 17"
Interior Width: 7.25"
Interior Height: 12"
Weight: 7.82 lbs