Pocket Emergency Wallet, Empty Sleeve - Black

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The Pocket Emergency Wallet (PEW) is an elastic sleeve with 3 compartments, two large (meant to hold gauze or bandages) and one for gloves. With a minimalist design, you can easily carry essential emergency medical tools to react fast and save lives, no matter where you are.

Even when this sleeve is packed with hemostatic gauze, compressed gauze and some gloves, it can still be carried in many pockets (back pockets, cargo pockets, jacket pockets, backpacks).

Dimensions: 5"H x 4"W x 0.5"D (empty)
Weight: 5.5 oz

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    The pocket emergency wallet

    Posted by Michael Ray Barton on 05 12 2021

    It's really nice it feels good as well made

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    Pocket Emergency Wallet, Empty Sleeve - Black

    Posted by Keith Phifer on 04 06 2020

    I use it to keep in a cargo pocket for a buddy aid kit. This is where I intended to carry it. I keep a NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing 4" Flat and a small QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze in it. It's tight with these just these 2 items in it. I think it would be uncomfortable to carry it in a pants pocket. I would like to be able to add a compress gauze to the pack, but it's not big enough. Maybe I will be able to find a more compact trauma/pressure dressing and add a compressed gauze to the kit. Either way, I will continue to carry the kit in it.

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    Pocket emergency wallet

    Posted by John on 02 12 2020

    This thing is awesome. Like the previous reviewer I have been keeping a SWAT tourniquet and some odd and ends in my pocket for a long time. This is a much more eloquent solution and protects my gear. Currently holding a tourniquet and two pairs of gloves. Got to replace my gauze and duct tape asap. I think that's all I will be able to comfortably carry in the pouch, but I can still fit a few random other things in the pocket like my can of motivation (chew). I highly recommend this product as way to EDC some important essentials.

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    Too big for most front pockets

    Posted by Michael O on 10 09 2019

    I’ve been carrying a Swat-t and a small ziplock bag with gloves in my right front pocket for year or two. The packaging for the Swat-t and the ziplock were seeing wear so I got the empty pocket emergency wallet to help protect them. It’s very well made but I can’t imagine adding gauze to this and still being able to carry it in jeans pockets. So I wish there was a single slot version. Otherwise this is a very cool pouch/holster.