4th Save A Cop Tactical Medical Training

Posted by Nick Disparti on 03 14 2017

RESCUE ESSENTIALS, a Colorado based tactical medical supply and training company, is hosting the fourth annual Save-A-Cop Tactical Casualty Care Course in cooperation with the Community College of Aurora Colorado. This free training course is provided to fifty law enforcement officers from agencies across the front range of Colorado and will take place on the Lowry Campus in Aurora, Colorado. The Tactical Casualty Care Course will be taught by a roster of nationally recognized instructors that have donated their time and travel to provide critical training on tactical emergency medical procedures. To ensure that the course remains free to law enforcement professionals, key manufacturers of tactical medical products have collaborated to offset expenses.

This tactical medical training event is designed for (and taught by) law enforcement professionals to enhance self aid and buddy aid in high risk medical situations. The program utilizes science-based medical guidelines which follow the current TCCC Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course protocols adopted by the U.S. military forces. This training will test officers in real world scenarios on skills learned throughout the day.New and improved methods of intervention will be discussed and demonstrated by leading educators in tactical trauma management. The event will take place beginning at 8:00 a.m. on March 28th, 2017, on the Lowry Campus of the Community College of Aurora. The address is:9235 E. 10th Drive Bldg 859, Room 911, Denver, CO80230.

Further information about this event is available from Rescue Essentials company President and CEO, Phil Carey.Email:pcarey@rescue-essentials.comPhone:719.539.4843