Two first aid products every CCW citizen should have

Two first aid products every CCW citizen should have

Posted by Rescue Essentials on 01 02 2018

Tactical medical products are improving constantly - if you're going to carry, there are a few more things you should keep close. 

There are so many reasons to thank our veterans. One of the less obvious ones is called Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Created by SOCOM (Special Operations Command), this strategic protocol was introduced in a 1996 issue of Military Medicine.

I’d been an EMT for three years at that point, working in the back of a civilian ambulance. The ideas driving TCCC came straight from the battlefield. The overarching theme behind TCCC was to decrease preventable combat deaths, so some of the ideas espoused by TCCC were in direct conflict with what I’d been taught.

Namely, I was taught to treat health emergencies prioritized with the ABCs: airway, breathing, and circulation. I was also taught to not use tourniquets. We controlled bleeding with direct pressure and supplemental pressure points if needed. While TCCC started in 1996, it continued to evolve through battles fought in the Middle-East. American war fighters were being shot and blown up with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), causing medical professionals to further reassess needs for treatment. They studied wound data and learned some interesting things.

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