RTF MCI Bleeding Control Pack

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The MCI Bleeding Control Pack is a comprehensive mass casualty response bag for active shooter incidents. Designed to treat up to 8 casualties the MCI pack is designed for rapid deployment of medical supplies to the scene for treating casualties in multiple locations prior to evacuation to EMS casualty collection. The MCI Pack includes the following supplies:

Throw & Go Trauma IFAK’s (2 each):
2   Nitrile Pairs Rolled Gloves 

1   C-A-T Tourniquet   
2   Compressed Gauze
1   Pressure Dressing
1   Hyfin Twin Pack Vented Chest Seal
1   Hypothermia Blanket
1   Nasopharyngeal Airway (28fr w/ lube)
2   TCCC Cards
1   Permanent Marker

Bleeding Control Kit:
6  Compressed Gauze

3  Pressure Dressings
2  Trauma Dressings (8”x10”)

Airway/Chest Kit:
6  Hyfin Twin Pack Vented Chest Seals

6  Nasopharyngeal Airways (28fr, w/ lube)
4  ARS Chest Decompression Needles
2  Combat Medic Tape Rolls
4  Pairs Rolled Nitrile Gloves
6  Hand Sanitizers

Hypothermia Kit:
6  Hypothermia Blankets

Additional Supplies:
2  Tac Med Blast Bandages
4  C-A-T Tourniquets
4  SWAT-T Tourniquets
2  Trauma Shears (7.5”)
1  Glove Dispenser w/6 prs Nitrile Gloves
1  Drag Sling Webbing (22')
1  Rescue Essentials Quiklitter
6  TCCC Casualty Cards
2  Permanent Markers
3  RGB Triage Chemlights

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Dimensions: 22" H x 18" W x 10" D
Weight: 13 lbs