SAM Splints, a long-time staple of Wilderness Medicine, have become popular with the Tactical Medical community and other responders due to their incredible versatility, low weight, small size, extreme strength, and low cost. Rescue Essentials is proud to offer SAM Splints in all their forms, at super-competitive prices. SAM Splints can be used to stabilize a huge range of injuries, including sprains and fractures. They can even be used to form a very effective cervical collar. The SAM Splint is famous for its off-label uses, which include improvised canoe paddles, tent poles, and even cookware! Also in this section is the SAM Pelvic Sling. This is a truly unique device that is proven clinically, and in the field, to provide safe and effective stabilization of pelvic fractures in a pre-hospital setting. Its patented buckle automatically ensures proper tension to stabilize open-book pelvic fractures, regardless of the patient’s size.

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