SWAT-T Trainer Pack Sling Bag - 10 Tourniquets

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The SWAT-T Trainer Pack is intended to make life easier for educators and trainers to stay organized before and after class. The sling pack is stocked with 10 SWAT-T Training Tourniquets (blue), plus a training card that demonstrates proper use of the SWAT-T.

The training tourniquets are a valuable tool to teach and practice using a SWAT-T (Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck Tourniquet). Blue is the universal training color to avoid accidentally placing a training device into service after use. Other than the color, this training tool emulates the standard black and orange SWAT-T tourniquets for realistic simulation.

SWAT-T's are a versatile addition to any first aid kit. They are effective and easy-to-use tourniquets (for professionals and civilians alike), and are also extremely effective as pressure dressings or compression bandages.

Dimensions: 6" H x 3" W x 0.5" D (individual SWAT-T, folded)
Dimensions: 4" x 56" (individual SWAT-T, flat, before stretch)
Weight: 3 lbs