Xtract®2 Litter

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The Xtract®2 is a lightweight robust extraction device which can be carried or dragged from point of injury. Ideal for operators who require a rugged, flexible stretcher which can be easily carried alongside operational equipment and be readily available at point of injury. This litter is similar to the Xtract®SR, minus the base plate.

When low cube size and minimal weight are paramount, Xtract®2 gives responders a viable capability to quickly secure and evacuate casualties, reducing the chance of secondary injury, hypothermia and protection of existing treatments.  Built with the specially developed the Duraelite fabric, the Xtract®2 stretcher is rated to 300 kgs (660lbs), and weighs less than 1.5kg (3lbs).

Replacement throw bags are available from the options above. For replacement X-Straps, please see the Xtract®SR and choose "X-Straps Only".

  • Secures & Protects the Casualty
  • Light Weight and Functionally Robust
  • Reduces Secondary Injury
  • Tear-resistant, double-layered fabric
  • Rated to carry 600lbs
  • Fire retardant inner liner
  • Simple, intuitive use for all skill levels
  • Accommodates a sleeping mat between fabrics to increase insulation, rigidity and comfort
  • Cocoons patient within fabric, protecting existing treatments such as tourniquets and IV lines
  • Minimizes patient movement
  • Reduces risk of secondary injury with strategic placement of handles and securing straps for optimal anatomical support
  • Xtract2 fabric pattern helps prevent conventional heat loss, maximizing additional hypothermia equipment
  • Accommodates different casualty lengths
  • Meets the required 5th to 95th percentile population range

Dimensions: 11.5” x 5.5” (packed)
Dimensions: 7’ 6” (length, not adjusted)
Dimensions: 4’ 8” (length, adjusted)
Weight: 3 lbs