5.11 UCR Thigh Rig Tactical Medical Kit

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This IFAK is the second medical kit in the joint venture between 5.11 Tactical and Rescue Essentials. Based on the 5.11 UCR THIGH RIG, the UCR Tactical Medical Kit provides critical medical components to treat victims of GSW and severe hemorrhage. Great for tactical teams, tactical medics, or rescue task force.

This compact thigh rig medical kit consists of the following components:

1   5.11 UCR THIGH RIG Pouch
2   Pair Nitrile Gloves (Lrg)
2   NAR Combat Application Tourniquet (Gen 7, Black)
2   Compressed Gauze
2   Israeli Emergency Bandage (4")
2   NAR Hyfin Compact Vent Chest Seal, Twin Pack
2   Nasopharyngeal Airway (28Fr) w/ lube
1   EMT Shears

Dimensions: 9" H x 8" W x 4" D
Weight: 2 lbs 


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