Conterra Omni Radio Holster For Longbow & Longbow Ranger

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This product is a combination of the Conterra Omni Holster and the Multi-Tach Holster. It fits snugly onto the shoulder strap of the Longbow or Longbow Ranger, so your radio is right at your fingertips! Probably the most advanced radio holster available today, and will meet the needs of light & heavy industry, law enforcement, EMS / medical, and search and rescue. The Omni Holster’s ultra rugged ballistics nylon construction out performs leather at a fraction of the cost, and is roughly 5 times more abrasion resistant than Cordura. 

The Omni Holsters’s patented adjustment system allows it to fit nearly all hand held portables on the market today, and its secure snapping system will fit over belts up to 2.5” wide. When mated with the Multi-tach unit the Omni Holster can do much more than fit on a belt, it can fit on almost anything! Radio not included. 

Weight: 8 oz