EZ-IO Needles (Sterile) Box of 5

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NSN# 6515-01-623-5963 (15mm, Pink)
NSN# 6515-01-577-0312  (25mm, Blue)
NSN# 6515-01-537-9007 (45mm, Yellow)

When Vascular Access Presents a Challenge, Go Directly to the Bone

EZ-IO® provides rapid, smooth entry into the bone’s medullary cavity, creating an immediate conduit to the central circulation. The intraosseous (IO) space is a specialized area of the vascular system where blood flow is rapid and continues even during shock. Drugs and fluids infused via the intraosseous route reach the central circulation as quickly as those administered through standard IV access.

The EZ-IO needle sets contains 5, 15GA needles that are constructed with 304-stainless steel and includes a patented cutting tip. Insertion is gentle, fast and relatively painless, and is particularly beneficial for casualties that may require multiple IV sticks to obtain vascular access for medication. All Needle Sets come sealed in a hard canister and are accompanied with: 5 Needles, 5 EZ-Connects®, and 5 Wrist Bands and Directions for Use.

The EZ-IO driver and a hard case for storage and transportation are available separately.


  • 15 gauge
  • 304-stainless steel design
  • Black indicator lines are located at 5 mm increments from the hub for assessing insertion depth.
  • NeedleVise® sharps block
  • EZ-Connect® IV extension set
  • Wristband (pink for extremity alert)
  • Designed for use with any EZ-IO® Power Driver
    • Battery power makes insertion effortless and controlled
    • Simple and speedy IO insertion

Clinical Benefits: 

  • Equivalent to IV for effectively delivering fluids and medications within seconds
  • Drug delivery equivalent to central venous catheter
  • Effective, safe, multi-site placement for combat casualties
  • Requires minimal additional equipment or resources

Dimensions: 4.75” H x 4.25” W x 3.5” D
Weight: 6 oz