Hyfin Vent COMPACT Chest Seal Twin Pack


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The HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack is a smaller version of the regular Hyfin Vent Twin Pack which gives responders two vented chest seals in a compact packaging for the treatment of penetrating injuries to the chest. Designed with 3-vented channels that allow air to escape the chest cavity during exhalation but prevents air from entering through the injury site during inhalation. Each HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seal is 4.75” x 4.75” and made with advanced adhesive to provide a superior adhesion in the most adverse conditions, including sweaty or hairy casualties.

Contained in a rugged, easy-to-open foil pouch, the perforated packaging allows users to open only one dressing at a time as needed. Its small packaging is ideal for low profile kits as you do not have to fold it to get it to fit in your kit, go-bag, cargo pocket or body armor.

  •  3-channel pressure relief vents
  •   Two Chest Seals for the treatment of entry/exit or multiple penetrating wounds
  •   Advanced adhesive gel for superior adhesion, even to sweaty or hairy chests
  •   Red-Tip Technology single step, peel and apply application that also allows for burping the wound if necessary

Dimensions: 6.5" H x 3.875" W x 0.25" D (packaged, folded)
Dimensions: 6.5" L x 7.75" W x 0.13" D (packaged, unfolded)
Chest Seal Size When Deployed: 4.75" H x 4.75" W (each)
Weight: 1.6 oz

GSA Advantage!


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  • 4
    Have not used. Hopefully never. Like double packaging and vent.

    Posted by Gillette Richard on 12 28 2018


  • 5
    Always Prepared

    Posted by Brian La Morte on 02 22 2018

    I carry two sets in my cargo pocket everyday. Hope I never have to use them, but the size is perfect for stowing away until I do....

  • 5
    Compact Versatile Seals

    Posted by Richard on 07 02 2016

    I got these for their compactness. I have Borin and Halo, but these are a bit smaller and easier to put into an edc bag. I also like the fact that both have vents and that one gets 2 seals. Depending on need, one could use this on 2 patients or 1 with a through and through wound. The vents allow release of trapped air while not allowing air to re-enter through the wound. Great concept in a thin package. Good price.

  • 5
    deal and package

    Posted by Bevi on 04 12 2016

    Enjoy the size and dual use (exit / entry) Enjoy doing business with rescue essentials

  • 4
    Compact not bulky

    Posted by Jones on 01 14 2016

    Well design fits into low profile ifak by Condor! .Maybe you guy a Rescue Essential might wanna make a refill kit for it.LOL.

  • 5

    Posted by Christopher W. on 01 08 2016

    All the awesomeness of a hyfin vent, in a smaller package.

  • 5
    Daily comfort in a cargo pocket

    Posted by Joey on 01 06 2016

    I feel better prepared now that I have a seal that slips in my cargo pocket.

  • 5
    Best of the best.

    Posted by Jacob Fannin on 12 24 2015

    I may be a nerd about this kind of stuff, but the compact hyfin's are AWESOME!!! They are super small, but still very very effective and the price is outstanding!! For small blowout kits this is the answer to your space-saver prayers! Made by the best folks out there at NAR these seals are the way to go for anyone who needs dependability but doesn't want to break the bank and where space may be an issue.