Medications Unit Dose Pack (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Loperamide, Diphenhydramine, & Calcium Carbonate)

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Don't just dump a bunch of pills into a bag or bottle when you bug out, be sure they're in good shape when you need them! Rescue Essentials' Unit Dose Pack provides six of the most commonly needed medications, all in weatherproof foil packed unit doses and contained in a 3" x 4" ziplock bag. The Medications Unit Dose Pack is perfect for re-stocking your IFAK. FDA labeling info on each foil pack assures that you know what you're taking - or giving.

Looking for a convenient way to store all of these meds? Checkout the OTC Med Book for superior organization and convenience.

Each ziplock bag contains:

6   Ibuprofen, 2 packs
6   Acetaminophen, 2 packs
4   Aspirin, 2 packs
4   Loperamide HCl (anti-diarrheal) tablets
6   Diphenhydramine (antihistamine) Caplets
4   Calcium Carbonate (antacid), 2 packs

Weight: 1.6 oz


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  • 5
    med packet

    Posted by ed trzcinski on 10 19 2018

    a dreat little of everything to put in the kit give to a friend which I have for their emergency gear BOB car winter kit etd

  • 5
    Great Labeling

    Posted by Andrew D on 08 09 2018

    Labeling on products makes the difference with accuracy. Being able to use the right relief from the First Aid Kit is exceptional. Thank You!

  • 5
    Basics for not much money

    Posted by Miner on 10 09 2017

    There were perfect refills for out kits. Price was right, delivery was fast, product was as described - what more is there?

  • 4
    Needs Lifesaving Meds: Aspirin & more benadryl

    Posted by Okie mom on 09 18 2016

    If someone is having an allergic reaction, not just snuffy nose - Benadryl 50 mg is needed. Chest pain first med is Aspirin. I have purchased this module, would gladly give up packages of Tylenol or Advil. Diamode - really only need 2-3 pkgs. Overall good price for the quantity and "just in case", but the change would make it outstanding! I tell people about this module to add to the Vehicle First Aid Kit.

  • 5
    Good assortment

    Posted by Linda on 05 27 2015

    I bought 5 of these to include in emergency kit for my kids. First aid kits are nice, but don't have meds. This fills a big gap. Thanks.

  • 5
    Great for upgrading IFAK in our gobags

    Posted by B. Young on 05 23 2014

    nice foil sealed packets 1-1/2" x 2-3/8" x thickness of pills. Perfect small size to ad to wound themed IFAKs in my families go bags. Expire in two years but probably good for much longer if stored right. Each packet has full active ingredients, dosage/uses, allergy warnings etc. covering both sides-no "refer to main packaging for details" like some I've seen. Very professional packaging-IMHO. Like a another reviewer said Dramamine would be an excellent addition to this essential assortment.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 03 24 2014

    Just what I was looking for. Compact, all inclusive.

  • 5
    Quick IFAK refill pack

    Posted by KEITH ISELEY on 03 03 2014

    All essential OTC meds in one quick and inexpensive pack. Great for a outing bag with any bulk.