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Active Shooter & MCI Response Products

Rescue Essentials offers a wide variety of professional products for Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incident training, preparation and response. Click on the products below for additional information. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Rescue Essentials specializes in custom kit design and manufacturing. Contact us with your specific operational needs and let us help you build a training and response system specifically for your agency or department. 866-711-4843 or info@rescue-essentials.com




        Mutual Aid Trauma Kit                               Active Shooter Event                              Rescue Essentials                                     Rescue Essentials                                                                                           Casualty Kit                                              QuikLitter                                                    QuikLitter XL


   mcipack1a.jpg         rtfvestfront.jpg          ccirk-kit.jpg         30-0001-cat-gen-7.jpg                                                                                                        

                Rescue Task Force                                 Rescue Task Force                       Classroom Critical                         Combat Application Tourniquet

              Bleeding Control Pack                                Responder Vest                       Incident Response Kit                                  (C.A.T) Gen7


    re-tourniquet-softt-w-black-04168.1406264140.1280.1280.jpg            20-0110-swat-t-tourniquet.jpg         31-1311-irk-2.jpg                  30-9108.jpg                   


         SOFTT-W Tourniquet                      SWAT-T Tourniquet                                Individual Response Kit II                    NAR Rapid Response Kit    



School Response Bag                       SRO (School Resource Officer)                     Public Access
                     Mass Casualty Kit                            Bleeding Control Kit