Tourniquets are an essential component of the national Stop the Bleed initiative. We're proud to offer one of the widest selections of tactical tourniquets for sale online. With the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT), SOFTT-W, SAM XT, SWAT-T, and more, we offer a variety of TQ solutions. At the pinnacle of modern tourniquet technology are devices like the Generation 7 CAT Tourniquet from NAR—tested and proven by the Institute of Surgical Research of the U.S. Army, the SOF Tourniquetwidely used by Special Forces, and the SAM XT a CoTCCC recommended tourniquet. These windlass tourniquets can be applied quickly with one hand, with minimal training, and with maximum success. We also carry basic, ultra-portable compression straps such as the Tourni-Kwik 4L. Designed for stopping or slowing blood loss from large wounds or arteries, this simple device can also be applied one-handed and weighs a mere 2.9 ounces. 

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