SAM XT Tourniquet

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One of the major causes of failure in tourniquet application is insufficient constricting pressure on the initial application prior to turning the windlass. The SAM XT Tourniquet differs from other windlass tourniquets in that it features an auto-stop system that allows for instant tightening of the constricting band to the proper tension prior to engaging the windlass. This saves time and ensures effective occlusion of blood flow when pressure is applied with the windlass.

Weather-resistant hook and loop system functions when fully
submerged, providing maximum security in the harshest weather.
Outer material is optimized for night vision

Secures the Metal Windlass Rod using an intuitive angular design,
making windlass locking easier and more efficient.

Durable nylon construction distributes force as targeted pressure
for maximum strength and flexibility, able to bend on smaller
extremities without breaking.

Innovative auto-lock technology activates locking prongs,
eliminating slack typically found in all other tourniquet applications.

Machined from extruded bars of strong, lightweight 6061-T6 true
billet aluminum for consistent reliability when compared to plastic

Velcro-dependent tourniquets can fail when wet or dirty. The
all-weather Precision Strap is made of single-layer nylon webbing.
It features intervaled holes that lock with the TRUFORCE™ Buckle to
create a consistent, efficient primary security system. The secondary
hook and loop system secures the remaining strap, adding stability
and safety.

Intuitive design allows for quicker, easier tourniquet application.
Material is optimized for night vision.

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    SAM XT Tourniquet

    Posted by Sam Rock on 10 04 2018

    Absolutely pleased with this tourniquet. I put it in my IFAK to replace my CAT T. Excellent quality with ease of application on self and buddy. Only trouble I've have was I've had to release the windlass before undoing the fastener, but the may be way it's supposed to function. I'd give it an A+++. I'm trying to get my team to purchase one for everyone. Definitely recommend this product.

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    Best Upper Extremity Tourniquet

    Posted by Matthew B Williams on 01 02 2018

    For one-handed upper extremity self application, this is the best tourniquet I've used. It beats the CAT 7 for this purpose for several reasons:

    1. Appropriately tightening the tourniquet before twisting the windlass is made easier and more reliable by the two prongs that click out to secure the strap when pulled tight enough. No wrapping of Velcro required.

    2. Metal windlass is stronger and easier to grip

    3. Strap is stiffer and less prone to being twisted around itself

    I still use SOFTTW gen 4s for my lower extremities, as well as application on others, due to the buckle system which is easiest to utilize when two hands are available, but this is the one TQ I would choose for self application if I was limited to one.

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    top notch tourniquet

    Posted by Tim Lee on 11 08 2017

    This is a top notch tourniquet. The best on the market as far as I'm concerned. I have been an EMT for several years an can attest to the advancement in medical supplies. For years, the use of a tourniquet was frowned upon. Now it's a life saving measure. When you need to use one, use the best.