Tactical Packs & Pouches

In extreme situations with lives on the line, you need your medical supplies to be accessible and ready to use. We offer the highest quality, best designed packs and pack inserts to help Responders and Operators do the most effective job possible. 

Rescue Essentials offers an outstanding variety of packs and pouches for combat medical kits and tactical trauma kits. These packs are designed and organized to provide versatile, reliable storage, access, and transport for your medical and field supplies. Created specifically for military, law enforcement, and rescue medical applications, these bags also offer excellent medical supply solutions for wilderness and recreational settings. We understand that versatility is essential for combat medical supply transport. Our range of tactical medical packs offers multiple carrying options for your emergency essentials.

Some of the specialized packs we offer: Medical Pack Inserts with Luminous MED Patches, Rip-Away Pouches, TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) Compliant Medical Pack Inserts, CCR (Combat Casualty Response) Squad Bags and Kits, Trauma Sheets, EDC (Everyday Carry) Packs, High Risk Warrant Bags, Thigh/Leg Rigs and Pouches, Assault Packs

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