Vehicle Ready HEXGRID® Headrest Platform

5.11 Tactical

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The HEXGRID® Headrest Platform is a removable, flexible, adjustable scaffolding that features a hexagonal grid pattern, capable of securing pouches and modules using MOLLE straps or velcro backing. Ideal for storing flashlights, IFAKs like the Compact First Responder Kit, radios, or extra magazines. The multi-angle load bearing system will keep your essentials secure and organized, whether you're on duty or exploring with your off-road hobbies.


  • Vehicle Ready headrest panel with patented HEXGRID® multi-angle load bearing platform for pouch and accessory attachment
  • Loop face for hook-sided accessory attachment
  • Removable adjustable straps for headrest attachment

Dimensions: 7.25" H x 6.125" W
Weight: 0.9 oz