General First Aid

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for any adverse situation.

Our general use medical emergency kits are designed for the rescue professional and for the average citizen. You never know when (and where) you will find yourself at the scene of an accident. To treat minor nicks, scrapes, and rashes, as well as more serious injuries, these general-use kits contain the necessities for Poison Ivy Treatment, Treating Minor Wounds, Burn Treatments, Upset Stomach, Severe Bleeding, Sterilize Wounds, Sting Relief, Hypothermia, Blisters and Hot-Spots, and more.

The American Red Cross recommends that you should always keep a first aid kit in your vehicle and your home. Carry a first aid kit with you whenever possible. And If not carrying a kit, know where you can find one. Make sure you know the location(s) of first aid kits where you work.