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EMS Packs & Pouches

           We understand the physical and mental demands placed on EMS professionals and their gear, day in, day out. With that in mind, Rescue Essentials has assembled a large selection of EMT bags and tactical EMS gear to help you face even the most challenging situations. To meet those demands, our EMT bags and gear are loaded with features to enhance their durability and versatility. Many of the packs have adjustable compartments and removable pockets, allowing a single pack to fulfill multiple needs. Our tactical response EMS packs feature fold-away shoulder straps and hip suspension, turning a Strike ERT Response Pack into carry-on luggage within seconds. Even our largest packs are designed to allow for a full range of movement, a comfortable and stable feel, rapid access to supplies, and effortless deployment.
            Packs like the Conterra ALS Extreme Pack are made with heavy-duty cordura and high-count ballistic nylon. This EMT bag also a offers convenient space for your personal survival gear, allowing you to continue your work with a little extra peace of mind. Smaller bags, like the Conterra Pro-2 Caddy, are made specifically to fit into larger gear. And many packs also support the addition of accessory pouches, like the Conterra Wing Tanks and Clip & Go pouches.

Give us a call at 1-866-711-4843 to find out which range of EMS packs and pouches would best suit your mission.