Individual Pax Inner Pouch Modules


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PAX interior modules are designed to help you organize your pack or bag. The welded PAX Pure-Tex modules are plastic and can be cleaned with any disinfectant. The lid is clear, making it easy to see the contents, and the label holder enables custom name tags. The back of each pouch has loop material, making it possible to attach the pouches to any hook-panels mounted in packs or bags.

These pouches are sold individually, but also available as sets here.

Product Details

Size Dimensions (H x W x D)      Weight     Colors Available SKUs
Inner Pouch S 3.2" x 5.9" x 3.2" 1.76 oz Black, Orange 70-1722 (black), 70-1726 (orange)
Inner Pouch M 5.9" x 6.7" x 3.2" 2.56 oz Red, Yellow, Green, Blue    70-1733 (red), 70-1732 (yellow), 70-1734 (green), 70-1736 (blue)
Inner Pouch FT     7.1" x 9" x 3.2" 3.68 oz Red, Green, Blue 70-1731 (red), 70-1727 (green), 70-1729 (blue)
Inner Pouch L 5.9" x 12" x 3.2" 4 oz Orange, Blue 70-1739 (orange), 70-1738 (blue)
Inner Pouch KT 3.2" x 17" x 3.2" 3.72 oz Black, Blue 70-1747 (black), 70-1746 (blue)



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    PAX pouch modules

    Posted by Dave on 02 16 2021

    Pouch's have loop velcro ('fuzzy velco') on them - which makes it impossible to stick them to any bag or packs that is built for pouch's that have hook velco on them - which are all the bags I have that use velco linings. Probably works great on the PAX line of bags. If you want to use these on most packs you'll need to either have them sit loose or figure out a double sided velcro adapter to secure them. The pouch's themselves are high quality, good zippers and pulls, loop velcro on both the back and bottom. Light weight (every bit helps). Easy to clean, and label; only time will tell for durability (once I make some velcro adapters).