Chest Seals


A penetrating injury to the chest can cause a potentially lethal lung collapse or pneumothorax if not treated. Standard equipment for any combat medic include chest seals and needle decompression kits. Below are airway management supplies needed to save a life when crisis hits and time is of the essence. We carry a wide selection of occlusive dressings and chest seals, including Hyfin, Halo, Bolin, FoxSeal (from the makers of Celox), SAM Medical, Beacon, and Asherman.

Most chest seals are packed in compact, rugged, and easy-to-open foil pouches. For ease of application and patient safety, many chest seals are made from advanced latex-free materials and are transparent, elastic, tear resistant, and function properly even in wet or extreme temperature environments. These products are tried and true treatments for penetrating chest injuries from stabbings, gunshot, or other chest penetrations.