Simu-Seal Chest Seal Trainer (One or Two-Pack)


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The Simu-Seal has emerged from redevelopment better than ever.

Now available in a one-pack, with peel-open packaging that simulates the packaging of an Asherman Chest Seal™ or Bolin Chest Seal™, or a two-pack (shown above) that simulates the packaging of a HyFin®, Halo or SAM® Medical chest seal.

"The first time you peel open a chest seal should not be when you're looking at a bullet wound"

The Simu-Seal Chest Seal is an inexpensive training product for practicing chest seal placement.  The Simu-Seal is designed for training use, and is not for medical application. As a practice chest seal device, the Simu-Seal costs a fraction of traditional chest seals and is specifically engineered for low tack adhesion to skin. The Simu-Seal can be peeled off from healthy intact skin with minimal discomfort and without incurring significant depilation (hair loss).  The ability to practice the management of a sucking chest wound within the setting of training is what builds muscle memory and allows for fine motor function even under austere conditions. 

The Simu-Seal allows for realistic training of penetrating chest trauma management, without the expense or discomfort of utilizing actual medical chest seals.

Advantages of the NEW Simu-Seal Chest Seal:

  • More Flexible
  • Better Adhesive
  • Now in a 2 pack - practice treating the entry and exit wound 
  • The Simu-Seal Two Pack comes in a "tear open" package that simulates the packaging of the Hyfin®, Halo, and SAM® chest seals.
    • Pouch Dimensions: 5.9 in x 7.5 in
    • Weight: 1 oz 
  • The Simu-Seal USA Single Pack comes in a "peel open" package that simulates the Bolin, Asherman and H*Vent chest seals.
    • Pouch Dimensions: 6 in x 7.5 in
    • Weight: 0.5 oz

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  • 5
    amazing value and quality!

    Posted by Michael frost on 02 03 2017

    You really can't find a better chest seal to train with at this price. Completely reusable (if not used on skin), I won't use another brand for my classes ever again!

  • 5
    Great training Product

    Posted by Rick on 01 12 2016

    I love this product for training our EMTs and Paramedics. It is a cost effective solution that drives home muscle memory in dealing with a patient with an open chest wound.

  • 4
    Good Product

    Posted by Jacob Fannin on 12 24 2015

    This product is great, especially when you consider the price. However I wish they came in packs of 2. Other than that they are awesome.

  • 2
    good idea but...

    Posted by justin overholt on 08 24 2015

    I love the price point and the fact that its clearly marked as a trainer but its significantly smaller than any real chest seal. This means that while you can use it for muscle memory basics it doesnt fit in training kits like the real thing so deployment is off. It would be perfect if it was the same shape and similar size as a Halo/Beacon/SAM type seal. At this point, Im cutting up cheap contact paper and using ziplock bags. If they decide to upgrade the shape and size, Ill buy them by the hundreds. Until then, Im back to making my own.

  • 5
    Great trainer

    Posted by Robert Klenka on 02 11 2014

    I needed some chest seals to use in a training application and did not what to pay for the real thing. These work great at a great price.

  • 5
    cost effective training product

    Posted by sean anderson on 01 13 2014

    We purchased the practi seal trainers after looking for a better method for teaching tactical first aid and lifesaver courses for police and first responders. These can be used multiple times on manikins and are very durable. We will be using these in replacement of using real chest seals as they can hurt the skin as they are designed for real emergency application not training. The research I did is that these are American made from a swat officer/medical director in Southern California. So they were made for law enforcement/first responders