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TEMS/Law Enforcement

     Our range of IFAKs and tactical medical kits are designed for (and by) EMTs, Combat Medics, Tactical Medics and law enforcement professionals. We also offer Bleeding Control Kits with contents that can be used by minimally trained laypersons.
     Every crisis situation requires a different response and a different set of supplies, so these kits can be customized to the needs of your Department, Agency, or Company. Whether you are safeguarding a school, preparing for an Active Shooter incident or serving on the front lines of combat, these kits have the emergency essentials for you to address bleeding control, airway/breathing issues and a great range of minor and major injuries.
     Our tactical medical kits emphasize compactness, rapid access, and versatility. Many of them can be worn as leg rigs attached to your belt, or attached to an assault vest or body armor.
     Each kit is designed to allow for maximum flexibility, making transporting these vital supplies simple and convenient for you and your team.
Crucial components often included in TEMS/LE kits are:

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Emergency Litters
  • C-A-T or SOFTT-W Tourniquets
  • SWAT-T Tourniquets
  • Chest Seals
  • EMT Shears
  • Compressed Gauze
  • Trauma Dressings
  • Casualty Cards
  • N95 Masks
  • CPR Face Shields
  • Airway Adjuncts
  • Needle Decompression Kits

    Rescue Essentials has taken your feedback and the requirements of your profession to heart in the creation of these trauma kits. They range from fully loaded advanced kits for larger crisis situations to our inexpensive and ultra-compact pocket IFAK and trauma kits for individual patrol officers. Almost all are customizable.
     Be sure that your team has the right emergency kits and supplies to save a life. Contact us at 1-866-711-4843 for help determining which kit is right for you.